Training for multi-agency staff

Training to safeguard and promote the welfare of children

The Southwark Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) is renowned for the good training it provides. It is aimed at all staff, volunteers and community leaders who work directly with children or with their parents or carers.

The SSCB and Southwark's Children and Families' Trust have agreed that every member of staff in organisations which work with children and families must be trained in safeguarding matters and have access to all relevant training opportunities.

Our Learning Strategy

Our multi-agency approach to training promotes universally shared knowledge; learning and best practice and maintains a collaborative and well informed borough wide workforce, working together to support children and their families.

The SSCB Learning Strategy provides a clear framework of our values, professional standards and expectations for maintaining professional development.

Please take time to read this. It is important to you and the people you support.

Who should be attending?

  • Those who have occasional contact with children, young people and/or their parents or carers
  • Those in regular or intensive but irregular contact with children and young people and with adults who are parent/s or carers
  • Those who work predominately with children and young people, and with adults who are carers, including practitioners contributing to assessments of children in need
  • Those who have particular specialist child protection responsibilities
  • Professionals, advisers and designated leads for child protection
  • Operational managers of services for children, young people and/or parents/carers
  • Senior managers responsibile for strategic management of services for children, young people and/or parents/carers

Our training programme and booking your placeMLS logo

The training available may be accessed by clicking on the safeguarding icon that sits under the 'Browse course by subject' header on my learning source. View what courses are available and book your place on line, or visit e-learning packages. 

Why choose to attend safeguarding children board programmes?

The seminars and courses promote inter-agency and multi-agency working. Research has shown that where staff and workers from different agencies and organisations work closely together and understand each others' roles and duties there are better outcomes for children.

Our courses have a good mix of people from different agencies and organisations from across the borough enabling greater learning from each others roles, experiences and connections in the support that you all provide to our children in Southwark.

Useful references and information

Radicalisation and PREVENT duty training at the e-Academy
or search PREVENT at The Virtual College

The Children Act 2004
Children's Workforce Development Council Induction Standards 2006
Common Core of Skills and Knowledge for the Children's Workforce DCSF 2010
Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018
The Munro Review of Child Protection 2011

Have your say

If you have any view or comments you wish to have considered about the training provided, please email my learning source.